Cookie and privacy policy

In connection with your use of VIVE’s website, we collect certain information about you.

It is important to us that you feel safe using VIVE’s website. You have the right to be informed about what information VIVE collects, and what VIVE has the right to do with your data. Please see VIVE’s privacy and cookie policies below.

Please note that by using this website you are accepting the terms of our privacy and cookie policies.

Privacy policy

Information collected and processed when you visit this website

When you visit this website, your IP address is automatically registered. In addition, information is collected on your use of the website (see also our cookie policy, which should be read in conjunction with this privacy policy). Your IP address is only used in connection with the operation of the website and for compiling visitor statistics on your visiting behaviour on the website.

Information collected and processed when you subscribe to our newsletter

VIVE collects and processes information entered by you on the website when you sign up to our newsletter. The information we collect is your name, address, postal code and email address. No personal data are passed on to third parties without your explicit consent. If VIVE discovers that any information collected is erroneous or misleading, VIVE will erase or correct the information in question.

The reason for collecting and processing information

VIVE collects information in order to use it for demographic, user-related statistics to ascertain who visits our website. This enables VIVE to adapt website contents and navigation to suit users’ visiting patterns. Furthermore, we collect information for the purpose of marketing VIVE. We will not pass on information on your use of our website to other service providers except as described in this policy (see “Third party cookies” below ).

Your rights

You have the right to be informed of what information VIVE collects regarding your use of our website, and the right to require information collected by VIVE regarding your use of our website to be corrected or deleted if it is flawed or erroneous.

If you no longer want VIVE to be able to collect information regarding your use of our website, we will comply with your wish and stop collecting such information. Similarly, upon your request VIVE will delete the information that we have collected on your use of our website, unless your information has been anonymised, in which case it will not be possible for VIVE to identify it.

You are able to exercise your rights by emailing VIVE at

The Data Protection Officer

VIVE is responsible for the collection and processing of your information. If you have questions regarding the collection or processing of your information, please email the VIVE Data Protection Officer at

VIVE takes physical, electronic and processing security precautions for the protection of all information collected and processed by VIVE.


In addition to filing a complaint directly to VIVE via the Data Protection Officer at the email address given above, you also have the right to complain to The Danish Data Protection Agency; see Filing a complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency.

Cookie policy

Important information on consent

VIVE uses cookies to collect certain information that your computer registers when you visit our website. By using our website, accessing services via our website, or receiving our emails, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. The purpose of collecting the information is to compile visitor statistics regarding your use of our website and to give you the best possible experience when using our website. We will not pass on information on your visit to our website to any third party except as described in this cookie policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are unique identifiers that usually consist of small portions of text or code. Cookies are normally stored on your device or in your browser, and they return certain information to the party who sent the cookie. Read more about cookies at the Danish Business Authority.

How can I avoid cookies?

As a rule, our cookies are stored on your computer for as your long as your platform allows, and they contain information on the expiry date of the cookie and a unique ID number. If you wish to withdraw your consent for the use of cookies, please disallow cookies by changing your browser settings. When you delete or disallow cookies, this applies for all the three types of cookie that we use. Please note, though, that if you do this you may be unable to use certain services and functions, because cookies are required in order to remember the choices you make. Please follow the links below if you need help to delete cookies from your browser:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Cookies on our websites

The information we collect on your use of our website is used to compile statistics on what is downloaded from our web pages, which pages are visited the most, which links visitors typically follow, and the like.

Our website mainly uses the following three types of cookie:

Cookies necessary for running the site

These cookies are necessary for the running of our website. They allow you to browse and use our website. If you deactivate these cookies, the website will not function correctly.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information on how visitors use our website and monitor the performance of the website. For example, performance cookies tell us which pages are popular; they monitor the traffic on our website and compile anonymous analytical data. Performance cookies can also be used to identify and resolve problems in the running of our website. For instance, VIVE uses Google Analytics to collect statistics on your use of our website, including statistics on what you download, which pages you visit, etc. Read more about Google Analytics’ use of cookies.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to recognise and remember your preferences. For example, functionality cookies can use information about your location to make sure you are directed to a version of our webpage that is specific to your town or region.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that are sent by someone other than VIVE – as opposed to first-party cookies, which are sent by VIVE.

The website can show videos from YouTube, which is owned by Google and uses third-party cookies. Google collects information on your use of YouTube, including information on the video you are watching and the frequency and size of your data transfers. Read more about YouTube’s protection of personal information.

Websites can also show videos from Facebook, which also uses third-party cookies.

Contact us, if you have any questions

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions pertaining to how we use your visiting data. Please email