What we offer

We carry out analyses, literature reviews, evaluations, benchmarking and much more.

VIVE is an independent research and analysis centre operating under the Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior that carries out research and analysis projects in all the major aspects of welfare and the welfare state. We both initiate analysis and research projects ourselves and accept research commissions from a large number of clients including Danish municipal and regional authorities, agencies, government ministries and other organisations. We carry out research at an international level. We draw upon the latest international studies in the design and execution of research and analysis projects while also taking into account the experience and knowledge of practitioners and decision-makers.

VIVE’s employees are mainly specialists in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, anthropology and psychology. This means that VIVE can offer strong methodological expertise in both the qualitative and the quantitative research areas.

One of our strengths is the ability to work across sectors and using mixed methods. Our employees are used to working together across disciplines, and this strength is actively utilised to obtain a range of perspectives on any given issue.

If you are interested in hearing how VIVE can help you and your organisation, please feel free to contact our management team.