Track 2: The social investment research group

A group of interdisciplinary scholars has joined forces in the social investment research group to foster dialogue across methods and research fields to advance our theoretical understanding of the political, ethical and practical consequences of the social investment rationale.

Track 2

The group is interdisciplinary to reflect the potential of contributions from various social sciences—sociology, political sciences, anthropology—in the development of a solid theorisation of the ethical and experiential aspects of the investment paradigm. The Nordic countries remain social investment frontrunners, making it particularly relevant to recruit participants working in these countries to ensure a solid empirical basis for theory building.

The social investment research group has regular online meetings as well as writing retreats, and the work aims to produce an edited book or a special issue of a scientific journal.

Members of the research group are

  • Anders Sevelsted, Copenhagen Business School
  • Cecilie Bjerre, University of Southern Denmark
  • Ida Schrøder, Aarhus University
  • Kelly McKowen, Southern Methodist University and University of Oslo
  • Kettil Nordesjö, Malmö university
  • Magnus Paulsen Hansen, Roskilde University
  • Mathias Herup Nielsen, Aalborg University
  • Matilda Hellman, Uppsala University and University of Helsinki
  • Sabina Pultz, Roskilde University
  • Troels Krarup, Aalborg University